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We're open!

jerron600 a posted Apr 8, 17

After King Colins demand for change, a new server arose!

The server is now factions PVP with a bit of a twist. We added cannons to gameplay! The theme is more or so set in the 1800's, but you don't have to roleplay. But things could change! Come join!

Server Reboot

[Dev] colingogo a posted Apr 1, 17

Important announcement; We have decided after many hours of hard work that we will be modifying the server to become a strict survival games server in order to cater to the changing nature of our community. All ranks have been reset and all files have been purged. We thank everyone who has been with us this far and will continue to play with us as we become the next big survival games network. -Imperium Rising Staff

[Dev] colingogo a April fools lel

Oops. A leak! :O

jerron600 a posted Mar 30, 17

We've worked tirelessly for hours on end in an attempt to finish the votifier plugin. Now, we gladly present to you: a massive list of websites to vote for us as a top server. Voting for us as a top server increases our rankings on the top server lists, which gives us a boost in the number of people who will view us. Visit the 'Server Information' section for more info!

- Colingogo

We've moved to Discord!

jerron600 a posted Oct 1, 16

Hi all! We're now using Discord for communication outside of the server. Here you can have just random chats, server chat rules still apply to Discord aswell, as well as some added ones. You may also ask the staff for help on things in our "#staff_help" channel. You may also talk with eachother in the voice channel. 

Discord link: